Lead vocals, Master of Ceremonies, or Disaster depending on who you ask! Audience Entertainer! 

Favorite quotes: "ARockalypse Now delivers you the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!"

Endorses: Having a great time, smokin' cigars & drinkin' beerz. Movin' like Mick Jagger.....

Influences: Himself, Christina Aguilera, Bruce Dickinson & Lady Gaga.

                                      STU                                                                                                      Shreddin' guitar at warp speed & playin' with his "Whammy Bar"....

Favorite quotes: Saying "Whale Oil Beef Hooked" with an Irish accent.....try it!

Endorses: Colagen lip injections so he can pull off this look....

Influences: Steve Stevens, Steve Vai, Steve Lukather. Basically, anyone named Steve!



"The Rog" luuuuuvs the "bottom end"... & he can bend and twist his G-string all night long!

Favorite quotes: "This could get ugly....fast!"

Endorses: Riding rickety old British morotcycles until the wheels fall off.

Influences: Lots of real guitar players, but after realizing 6 stringed instruments were too complicated Rog decided to go back to 4.


Crazy Craig luvs bringin' the heat & droppin' tha beat with his monster stix! 

Favorite quotes: I'm an expert in EVERY realm. Sing faster!!

Endorses: Pizza & any six pack of beer under $3.99

Influences: CC said he hasn't had a case of influenza in at least a year....